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Monuments and Memorials: Jim Sadowski

Museum Committee: Jeff Hart

Veterans Center:  Matt Collins

Veterans Benefits and Welfare:  Bill May

County Veterans Service Officer:

Racine  Racine County Veterans Services also on Face Book

 Brad Behling

Veterans Benefits and Welfare

The  Veterans Benefits and Welfare Committee is looking for people who would be interested in being involved with this committee. 

Veterans and non-veterans alike are encouraged to participate.  Likely candidates are people that may professionally provide veteransí benefits or veteranís welfare programs or services; people or organizational representatives who believe they have information of value to offer the veterans community or those who wish to promote benefits or programs of value to area veterans. 

If you are interested or are able to recommend someone you believe has interest in this area please provide name, email, phone number and best time to contact information to: Benefits.Welfare@racineveterans.org

Initial activities are likely to include various meeting activity such as start up, focus or planning activities, event planning, identification of community needs, communication planning, action planning and community need assessment activities and other activities as may be determined as valuable to area veterans.

William F. May